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Firearm Connection - FAQs

How do I place a BID?
In order to place a bid on a item you must first be registered with FIREARM CONNECTION and logged in. Once you are logged in and looking at the item you wish to “BID” on click in the box under “PLACE YOUR BID HERE” and enter the dollar amount of the “BID” you wish to make. In the next window, you will have to enter your password to confirm your bid for security purposes.
How do I know if I won an item?
When the auction has ended if you are the highest bidder an email will be sent to you notifying you that you have won the item. You can also check the status of your auctions by clicking on “MY PROFILE” then “BUYING” after, click on “AUCTIONS I WON” to view all auctions you have won.
How do I add an item to my WATCH LIST?
You must be a registered member and signed to be able to add an item to your Watch list. Once signed in and viewing the listing, Click the link "Add To Your Watch List" and it will automatically be saved to your "Watch List". You may view your "Watch List" By clicking on “PROFILE”, once you have logged in, Then Click on the “Buying” tab and then “Watch List”.
How do I know it is safe to use Firearm Connection?
Each and every user that is registered with Firearm Connection has had his/her information verified as accurate. We are committed to the privacy of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy explains how we safeguard your personal information and how we keep it safe from hackers and thieves.
How important is Feedback?
At the completion of your transaction, you should post feedback on the buyer. Feedback lets other users know how the buyer handled the transaction with you. When posting feedback, please be honest and unemotional about the transaction. The buyer gets the chance to reply to your feedback, and you can post a follow-up to the response. While reviewing the user's feedback, you can delete or change the feedback you posted on that user or post a follow-up to the response.
Why do I have to enter my password each time I bid?
At Firearm Connection we want to ensure that the true user is logged into the site. By re-entering your password before allowing a BID or item to be bought. We cut down on fraud on the site, while making sure your experience at is a safe and pleasant one.
Where can I find my Wish List?
Click on My Profile..Buying...¯Wish List
Where can I find my Watch list?
Click on My Profile....Buying....¯Watch List
Where can I find my current bids?
Where can I find the auction(s) that I have won?