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Find Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns Revolvers and more Guns for sale online at Firearm Connection       


Firearm Connection was designed to give the MOST “Bang for your Buck!”

* FREE Registration

* FREE Images with Magnifier

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* FREE View Counter

* FREE Subtitle

* FREE Scheduled Listing

* FREE Reserved Price

* NO Insertion Fees!!

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It is absolutely FREE to become a member and purchase a gun through

Registration - FREE - Registration on is completely free to join. Users can sign up with no charge as long as they are legally able to obtain a firearm. 

Gun Detector - Currently FREE $1.00 our unique GUN DETECTOR feature is what sets us apart from all other gun auction sites. Gun Detector is a special feature that enhances your search experience like no other. With the millions of guns out there not every single item has a chance to get listed online. Using our Gun Detector is as easy as filling out a quick form about the item you are looking for. Once you hit submit, we will begin searching. Our search does not stop until your item is found. Once it is located, you will be connected directly to the seller with the option to buy it.


Once a user has registered  they can list an item absolutely FREE!!! We have NO INSERTION FEES!!! We do offer optional services to better enhance your listing and increase the chances of selling your item at a faster rate. Below you will find the optional services with pricing that we offer:

Showcased Listings - $2.00- Showcased listings are the most powerful marketing tool our sellers can use. Showcased items are randomly displayed on our Home Page. Showcased items will be seen by the largest audience of any of our optional services. Sellers that use the Showcased listing feature find that they sell their item faster and for more money than when they do not.

Highlighted Listing - $1.00 - Make your listing stand out from others in the category listings. This option highlights your listing in yellow to make it stand out from the other listings.

Bold Title - $.50 -Consider using boldface text to make your item’s title stand out from the others in the category listings.

Colored Title - $.50- Upgrade your listing by using color to draw a buyer’s attention to your title. A colored title is especially effective when combined with the Bold Title option.

Final Value FeesNo special formula is needed to determine your final value cost. There is a small 1.75% charge of the final amount of each item sold. Lower fees mean more money in your pocket!!!

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